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Polytechnic Education: A Vision for Ontario

Humber Press is pleased to announce the release of Polytechnic Education: A Vision for Ontario.

Polytechnic Education: A Vision for Ontario is a volume of essays on polytechnics in Ontario. Ontario polytechnics are thriving and graduates are in demand. The case for formalizing polytechnics is about modernizing the post-secondary education system to leverage the differentiation that is evolving organically.

Polytechnic institutions act as invaluable innovation resources for Canadian businesses. Through applied research, polytechnics are well-positioned to help companies and communities move forward and put ideas into action. The work we as educators and administrators do is more important than ever, given the impacts of technology and globalization in driving our knowledge and innovation economy.

The essays will:

  • Provide a working definition of polytechnics in Ontario;
  • Articulate the benefits and polytechnic value proposition; and
  • Discuss challenges and implications going forward.

Read it now—eBook available online or through Humber Libraries, Polytechnic Education: A Vision for Ontario.

This book has been published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, which allows the material to be copied and redistributed in any format for a noncommercial purpose such as education. 

Polytechnic Education: A Vision for Ontario–Simple Book Publishing